The Modern CMO Agenda

Today’s marketing leaders must deliver highly agile and efficient marketing programs that demonstrate speed-to-market and measurable impact tied to overall business goals. Join our CMO community for exclusive events, insights and conversations with other senior business leaders.


Prophet sat down with Carole Diarra, global vice president of marketing at UGG, to talk about how she’s using customer insights to drive deeper engagement to build a more relentlessly relevant brand. Watch the interview. 

Carole Diarra 
Global Vice President of Marketing 

“The Prophet work was a rallying cry for the entire organization to galvanize around our primary consumer target. We’re all speaking the same language now.” 

Top Challenges for the Modern CMO

As businesses look for new ways to uncover growth, the expectations of marketing are changing. Marketing leaders are being asked to build high-performing organizations that drive greater revenue capture on existing businesses while also cultivating new customer demand, all while proving the impact to key business outcomes that matter to their c-suite. To build relevance and drive revenue, CMOs need to ask:

  • How do I capture the value of my brand?
  • How do I think more holistically about my marketing investment from technology to channel spend?
  • What can I do with A.I.?


How we help our clients

We help modern marketers reach their goals by identifying the most efficient and effective pathways to build relevance and drive growth. 

Growth Strategy

Driving strategic growth to increase revenue and customer demand.

Business Transformation

Driving purposeful, sustainable and impactful business transformation.

Brand Strategy

Developing brand portfolio strategies to build relevant and purposeful brands to increase market share.  

Marketing Excellence

Generating and accelerating demand to increase conversion rates and basket size to demonstrate ROI.

Product and Experience Design

Delivering engaging experience through “Always On” customer intelligence.

Organization and Culture Change 

Developing a high-performance marketing organization through talent and capabilities.